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Torbal Drx-300, Pharmacy Scale W/ Auto Calibration, 300G X 0.001G

Pharmacy Scale w/ Auto Calibration, 300g x 0.001g Excellent basic pill counter ideal for small volume operations

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Designed for counting none bar-coded tablets

Equipped with highest quality electromagnet force restoration weighing load-cell 300g x 0.001g

Features and Functions NTEP Approved Onscreen Instructions Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy Deviation Warning Remaining to Fill Display Counting Transaction Printing PS/2 External Keyboard Port Optional RJ45 Network Port RS232 Data Output Port Auto Calibration Graphical Display Sealed Keypad Navigation Keys Dual TARE Keys Easy Leveling Draft Ring AZSM IZSM Compounding Filling Meter Remaining to Fill Ingredient Labeling Recipe Archiving Recipe Printing Onscreen Instruction

Includes, Advanced Pill Counting Accuracy, Pill Fragment Detection, Automatic Internal Calibration and Onscreen Instructions which make this pill counter intuitive and easy to use

NTEP Certified for pill counting and prescription use