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Digital Oscilloscope Scope Meter Ga1062Cal 2Ch 60Mhz Bandwidth 8-Bit 1Gsa/S Sampling Rate

features bench-type design, convenient operation, 7 color TFT LCD display, stable performance, etc.Features:2CH digital oscilloscope, Max

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Sampling rate is 1GSa/s.7 Inch color TFT LCD screen, stable and clear for waveform display.Memory depth is 40Kpts.Trigger types Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative.Unique digital filter function and waveform recorder function.Pass/Fail function.32 types of auto measurement function.Cursor measurement covers manual mode, track mode and auto mode.Internal Storage 2 groups of reference waveforms, 16 ordinary waveforms and 20 settings.External Storage support waveform/setting/CSV/bitmap storage.Adjustable brightness for waveform display and screen 39 s grids.Pop-up menu display pattern is more convenient for users.USB Host support U-disk storage/system update.USB Device support remote communication with PC.